welcome to the farm of happiness! The Old Farm, that offers farming activities and ranches offering an overnight stay in the woods, caves, and opportunities to experience a rural lifestyle.

The Old Farm, our alluring Farm site is located in the heights of Magical Hills of Lakshmi, Idukki.

All we assure is a preserved natural environment with woods and cave life that blended into the landscape.

Our Farm site will seduce the real travelers, hikers, explorers, hitch-hikers, by the serene and authenticate atmosphere!

We got a big vision and we trust it's all in divine timing of farming.

And as we plant new trees, the crops of abundance will come to continue to bless us and future generations

We will continue to hold the vision of abundance for each tree we plant

We plant for the next generation

Trust The Vision

Trust the natural growing process with us!

Don't miss the chance to enjoy the outdoors in all its simplicity, rural lifestyle, raw and wild life on an Eco- friendly, family- sized natural farm site.

In a beautiiful natural location in the heart of a delightful region, that is just waiting to be explored!!

Let's explore the unexplored experience 

And discover the Undiscovered!

Welcome Home

Bamboo Tree house

Most exotic destination in the middle of the touristic spot Idukki
Bamboo tree hut in the mysterious nature and so much more
Cozy stay in the alluring landscape offer you a best experience in the woods
Come let's join this tribe
We welcome you to this new venture of us!

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